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D.F.Rogers, is a Detroit,Mi native that has had a interest in writing since he was a 8 year old writing stories about dragons and what he felt about his surroundings.

Now as an adult I have published two books,written marketing materials for companies,written web content for companies,ghost written music,and written podcast show outlines for business and on social issues.

Writing Portfolio



Creative Writing

Panties and Power
Top Secret Blueprint to Being a Goddess in the 21st Century


Panties and Power is a revolutionary journey of empowerment for women who want to reach their divine capacity, and have new insight into what gave all the women of greatness their status as a Goddess.Every woman should read this blueprint. In this book you will learn to: Understand the inner workings of your existence. Empower the inner workings of your existence. Organize the way you flow through life. See yourself as a co-creator with God. Own your identity as a woman with the potential to be a Goddess.


3.Creative writing 

The Wife and The Poet is a emotionally charged journey of love,deceit,racial philosophy, gender philosophy,and money that starts with a connection between a black street poet and a older white wife of a wealthy prosecutor. to add moral injury to insult the poets friend and well known pimp convinces him to set his eyes of the Wife's naive but fierce 19 year old daughter. The twists and turns of The Wife and The Poet are unpredictable,erotic,philosophical,and full of drama in a way never captured.