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700 minimum credit score. Start up Business loan Products
Business Line of Credit and Term Loans Products:
● Capital for entrepreneurs and startups.
● Line of Credit program - Capital for brand new businesses (beginner).
● Term Loan - Capital for businesses that already started but hasn’t reached a certain level of income they want (experienced). Qualifications:
● For beginner program (Line of Credit) : - Personal Credit Score above 700 (with good quality or track records). - Approval within 24 hours, the funds will be transferred between 5 - 10 business days. - Funds will be transferred to credit card Line of Credit. - The credit card doesn’t report to personal credit score and has zero interest rate. - The customer can cash the fund out and use a credit card to pay employees, business bills, or buying stuff for their business.
● Line of Credit (for Startups) can get funding up to $150,000 per round.

● Waiting time between each round is 30 - 60 day process.